2008 Chrysler LLC Concept Vehicles

Seamless advanced technology meets stunning, emotional design

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology taken to new level 

  • Chrysler ecoVoyager Concept 
    • Electric Vehicle with Fuel Cell Range Extender 
    • Distinctive, Elegant American design 
  • Jeep® Renegade Concept 
    • Electric Vehicle with BLUETEC Diesel Range Extender 
    • “Stylish Green” sustainable Jeep design 
  • Dodge ZEO Concept: 
    • Electric Vehicle with 250-mile all-electric range 
    • Four-passenger “2+2” sports car for the enthusiast
January 13, 2008 , Detroit -  Three passionate designs combine with three advanced propulsion systems. The result: high-tech, innovative vehicles with alternative fuel choices … and exciting design and brand character.

Chrysler LLC’s mission to be more environmentally responsible is significantly changing how we envision vehicles in our future portfolio. As the entire automotive industry has basically the same technology pool from which to draw, our design challenge remains similar to what it has always been: How do we distinguish Chrysler’s future designs from the rest of the pack? Even in this environment, we must create emotional designs, and must offer vehicles that people will really want to own and drive.

So we have challenged ourselves to unleash our design passion – in combination with these future technologies and linked to the Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge brands for our 2008 concept vehicles.

Each of the technologies must be transparent to our customers and provide an exceptional driving experience. In addition, each technology must be optimally packaged in the vehicle to ensure uncompromised comfort and function.

The Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge concept vehicles for 2008 take advantage of the unique packaging and design opportunities realized by these advanced powertrain systems.

The all-new Chrysler ecoVoyager concept, Jeep Renegade concept and Dodge ZEO concept take advantage of the best of new technologies and couple them with the room, comfort, speed and style customers will not sacrifice – allowing potential customers to still feel good about their personal impact on the environment even when simply having fun.

In designing each of the three concepts for the 2008 North American International Auto Show, Chrysler designers studied various emerging and growing customer groups to overlay their needs and expectations with Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brand values to develop the best overall fit. The result is an all-new passionate design concept for each of our three brands.

Trevor Creed
Senior Vice President – Design
Chrysler LLC

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