Press Kit: 2008 Jeep® Liberty Reveal

2008 Jeep Liberty Key Commodities / Suppliers

New York April 3, 2007 -
Commodity  Supplier
 Air bags  TRW Occupant Restraint Systems
 Audio system — eight-channel amplifier  Harman/Becker International
 Audio system — radios  Siemens VDO
 Audio system — satellite radio  Alpine, Siemens VDO
 Audio system — DVD radio  Alpine Electronics of America
 Audio system — navigation radio  Harman/Becker International
 Brake booster and master cylinder  Bosch Braking Systems
 Caliper assembly  Varity — Kelsey Hayes
 Console  Plas-Tech Engineered Products
 Door modules  Faurecia Interior Systems
 Doors  Johnson Controls
 Hard trim  Plas-Tech Engineered Products
 Drive shaft (prop shaft)  Dana Corporation
 Electronic Stability Program (ESP)  Bosch Braking Systems
 Exhaust system  Faurecia Exhaust Systems
 Fascias  Meridian
 Front and rear suspension modules  Dana Corporation
 Front end module  Decoma International
 Glass — rear flipper  Dura
 Glass — side  Pilkington N.A.
 Glass — windshield  Pilkington N.A.
 Headlamps  Auto Systems
 Instrument panel assembly  Johnson Controls
 Cargo floor  Lear
 Mirrors — exterior  Lowell Engineering
 Overhead system  Intier
 Rear entertainment video system  Mitsubishi Electric
 Rear floor pan and ladder  L&W Engineering
 Seat belts  TRW Occupant Restraint Systems
 Seats  Johnson Controls
 Shock absorber  Magneti Marelli N.A.
 Speakers  Harman/Becker International
 Steering wheel  TRW Occupant Restraint Systems
 Sun roof  Webasto Roof Systems, Inc.
 Sky Slider™ sun roof  ASC
 Taillamps  Valeo Sylvania
 Tires  Goodyear
 Transfer case  Magna International
 Wheels (non-spare)  DiCastal, Superior, Prime
 Wiper modules and blades  Trico Products
 Wiring  Yazaki North America