February 8, 2007 , Chicago - After three hours of intense concentration and thousands of “Simon Says” commands, the Chrysler “Sebring Says” contest was whittled down from nearly 100 contestants to one grand prize winner.

Helen Stanislawski, 27, of Chicago was the player who came out on top of the Chrysler “Sebring Says” contest and was able to outlast her competitors. In addition to beating out the competition and winning the game, Stanislawski has also won an all-new 2007 Chrysler Sebring.

“It feels great to be the last contestant standing. It seems like such a simple game, but Chrysler raised the competition to a new level with the grand prize of a Chrysler Sebring,” said Stanislawski. “I’ve never owned a car before, so I never thought that I’d be the last one standing and get to drive home in a new Sebring! My family and friends are never going to believe it, especially my grandma.”

The contest was led by a professional “Simon Says” leader, Steve Max, who used his “sim-antics” – mastermind skills and expertise – to prompt contestants and entertain spectators. While the game started with some familiar commands from the traditional “Simon Says” game, such as “stand on one foot” and “touch your nose,” Chrysler added a unique twist by incorporating the Chrysler Sebring into the final rounds of competition.

“The new Sebring vehicle sets the standard for sophisticated styling, so we thought it would be fun to set new rules for ‘Simon Says’ at the Chicago Auto Show,” said David Rooney, Director – Chrysler Marketing & Global Communications, Chrysler Group. “The ‘Sebring Says’ contest is a great way to get consumers to interact with Chrysler and award the new Sebring to the grand prize winner. We are always looking for ways to bring new levels of excitement to this show. In fact, this is our fourth year of getting consumers involved in a fun way.”

Participants and interested viewers can relive all of the action of the event at www.ChryslerSebringSays.com.

About the Chrysler Brand
Driven by award-winning new models, the Chrysler brand has seen a dramatic increase in sales, market share and brand image. Since 1990, Chrysler brand sales have more than tripled, jumping 250 percent. No other American automotive brand has grown as much during the same time frame.

About the all-new 2007 Chrysler Sebring
An all-new mid-size sedan, Chrysler Sebring builds on the winning formula that began with the award-winning Chrysler 300 in the large car segment. This formula combines stunning design with interior craftsmanship, high-levels of safety and reliability, exhilarating performance and excellent fuel efficiency of more than 30 mpg. The Chrysler Sebring base MSRP is $18,995 (including $675 destination charge).