September 19, 2014 , Salisbury, Conn. - SRT (Street and Racing Technology) Motorsports captured its first victory in the Trans Am Series when Cameron Lawrence piloted his No. 11 Dodge Challenger SRT to victory lane at Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park, while his teammate Tommy Archer finished second in the ninth race of the 2014 Trans Am Series schedule on Saturday.

Lawrence, the TA2 class points leader, took the lead on the 10th-of-67 laps on the 1.5-mile track and maintained his advantage through the checkered flag. Lawrence started second in the No. 1 Challenger and battled with Adam Andretti during the race’s opening segment before utilizing traffic to pass and take the race-winning position. 

The triumph marked the inaugural victory for SRT Motorsports in the Trans Am Series since partnering with Miller Racing in August and also represents the first-ever TA2 class victory for Dodge.

Archer, a road racing veteran who was making a spot start for Tommy Kendall in the No. 11 Dodge Challenger SRT, raced to second to give SRT Motorsports its first dual podium finish in just three races of Trans Am competition. The Minnesota native started fourth in the race and began pushing towards the lead on lap 40. After racing to third, Archer passed for second on the final lap when Adam Andretti ran out of fuel.

Kendall will return to the No. 11 Challenger SRT for the next Trans Am Series event at Virginia International Raceway on Sept. 28.

With his victory, the 22-year-old driver padded his TA2 class points lead and now holds a 19-point advantage over Andretti with two events remaining in 2014.

The Miller Racing Dodge Challenger SRTs next compete in the 10th round of the Trans Am Series championship at Virginia International Raceway on Sat., Sept. 28 at 12:45 p.m. EDT.

SRT Driver and Team Quotes for Lime Rock

Cameron Lawrence, driver, No. 1 Dodge Challenger, Miller Racing
How does it feel to give SRT Motorsports its first Trans Am win?
“Yeah, it’s huge to get the first win for SRT Motorsports since entering Trans Am. It’s been a lot of work and the guys have put in a lot of long nights and it’s just really special to be the first win and it’s a big relief with the points also. Adam was gaining on us a little bit and it’s really nice to get some momentum back and gain some points on him. It was a huge day for Dodge and Miller Racing.”

How was today’s race?
“It started out with a pretty good and Adam (Andretti) was really quick off the bat with a little bit of a gap on us. It came down to some lapped traffic and I worked the traffic and made a pass on him when he got held up. We just had some good timing. From there, it was pace and just making sure we stayed ahead of him. The Challenger was prefect and the handling was awesome. We just drove a little bit on the cautious side and it paid off.”

What is your strategy entering the final two races?
“We’re being a little more conservative, but we always go out there to win. We know we have a great car. We will play a little more to the conservative side. We’ve just got to be right there with them, not hurt ourselves and make sure nobody hurts us. We’ll just go run our race and if we do our thing we hope we’ll come out with another victory or stay close to Adam and minimize any gains they might make in the points.”

Tommy Archer, driver, No. 11 Dodge Challenger, Miller Racing
How was your race?
“We got bumped at the start of the race of the little bit. We got hit before the start when the guys behind me got anxious. We moved back to fifth at the start and we did have to fight traffic a lot. We picked up after 25 laps of something like that and moved from fifth to fourth and there was a restart. During the restart, I worked traffic really well and got by the 73 (Kevin Poitras) and then with one lap to go Andretti ran out of fuel and we passed him and it looked easy, but it really wasn’t.”

Did you enjoy making your Trans Am return?
“I tell you what, I felt like a 24-year-old kid again. I was having a blast. The Challenger was great. The team was awesome and we worked really well together. I was happy to be here and they were happy to have me and we got a good result because of it.”

Was it special to return to Trans Am with Dodge?
“You know, it’s special for me because 21 years ago I won here at Lime Rock with Dodge, so to come back and finish so well in TA2 with the Challenger – I took second and Cameron was first – it was really cool.”

Russ Ruedisueli, head of SRT and motorsports engineering, 
Are you pleased with the results for SRT Motorsports?
“I can’t ask for anything better. This is our third race of the series and we’ve been plugging away and working at it, so to come away 1-2 is an accomplishment. The progression has been huge. We started up in the middle of the season and we had to work really hard to make that transition with the team. We were willing to take that challenge on and I’m just so proud. With the Miller team and with Dodge behind us, this is an awesome win.”

Mike Miller, team owner, Miller Racing
How was today’s race?
“It was a great race. We had great starting positions – Cameron qualified second and Tommy Archer was fourth. It was the first race where we’ve really been ready for qualifying and we did a great job. We gave the guys a chance to be up front and race. Cameron and Adam just had a battle during the race and Cameron got Adam about the 10th lap and built a little bit of a lead. The Challenger was a little too much for them today and Cameron never relinquished the lead after that. The lead grew and Tommy Archer had passed for third. It looked like it was going to be a nice one-three finish if it continued on that way, but at the end we noticed (Adam) Andretti’s car sputtering down the front straightaway and we thought, ‘That thing may be running out of fuel,’ and sure enough he did. Tommy was running very consistent, quick laps and he was able to catch him. Tommy passed him and we’re one-two. It was just a spectacular job by two very talented drivers and the Challenger have arrived and they’re here to play.”

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