August 7, 2005 , Auburn Hills, Mich. -

The new 2006 Jeep® Commander provides a safe and enjoyable driving environment, allowing customers to personalize their vehicles with the features they want.

UConnect™ Hands-Free Communication System
The UConnect hands-free communication system uses Bluetooth® technology to provide wireless communication between the customer’s compatible cellular telephone and the vehicle’s on-board receiver. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless networking technology that is used to connect two or more devices together.

“As the number of drivers using cell phones increases, hands-free, voice-activated technology is one way to connect a driver to a cell phone call more safely,” said Mike Kane, Director – Feature Innovation and Advanced Technology Strategy, Chrysler Group. “Chrysler Group was the first North American automaker to offer customers a Bluetooth-enabled phone application for their vehicle.”

The factory-installed version allows the audio to be heard through the vehicle’s radio speakers, and a control pad and microphone are housed in the rearview mirror, serving as the driver interface. UConnect factory installation is $275 and is available on the 2006 Jeep Commander as well as many other Chrysler Group products.

UConnect features the following benefits:

  • Voice dialing – Voice commands can be used to digit-dial the phone or access pre-stored voice tags
  • Audio address book – Enables customers to store up to 32 names, four numbers per name, for a total of 128 different phone numbers
  • Emergency calls and towing assistance – This feature dials 911 or towing assistance at customer voice command
  • Audio system mute – Enables muting of the microphone for privacy
  • Call transfer – Allows the customer to transfer a call from the vehicle’s system to the mobile phone
  • UConnect can communicate in three languages – Features French, Spanish and English language Capabilities
  • Multi-phone recognition – Up to seven phones can be used within one vehicle’s system

UConnect is also available as a dealer-installed option. Dealer installation is $299 (suggested retail price), plus labor, and is available on all Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

Navigation Radio System
The Jeep Commander’s DVD-based navigation system with MP3 player will appeal to both road travelers and music enthusiasts alike. The Jeep Commander’s navigation system is housed in the center of the dashboard, convenient to both the driver and front-seat passenger. A large, 5.8-inch full-color display features an AM/FM stereo, six-disc CD changer, MP3 player and navigation system in one unit. A joystick allows the user to scroll through the navigation menus and icons quickly and effortlessly.

The system utilizes voice and on-screen directions to guide the user through the drive route – mile-by-mile, turn-by-turn – until the final destination is reached. Destinations can be entered into the system 10 different ways, and the screen can be viewed as a detailed map or enlarged to display turn-by-turn directions.

The navigation system features a DVD containing mapping, points of interest and business phone numbers across the U.S. where digitized mapping data and information are available. When a destination is entered, the navigation system uses data from the DVD to quickly calculate the route, providing information within 10 seconds.

The Navigation System features:

  • Map Zoom – Select from nine different zoom scales to increase or decrease map magnification
  • Voice Guidance – Choose from Maximum, Normal, Minimum or Off
  • Route Guidance – View the screen as a turn-by-turn map, a full-display map or a combination of both
  • Three-Language Option – English, French or Spanish can be selected; preferences for display are in miles or kilometers
  • Five Routing Methods – Convenient navigation options include Shortest Route, Quickest Route, Minimize Toll Roads, Maximize Freeway and Minimize Freeway
  • Automatic Route Recalculation and Detour Functions – The system automatically recalculates the position and displays a new route should the user encounter a detour or stray from the directions indicated on the display monitor
  • Maneuver List – Allows review of the trip itinerary prior to departure and the ability to make changes before heading out on the road
  • Trail Function – Provides the ability to obtain longitude, latitude and altitude information

SIRIUS® Satellite Radio
SIRIUS provides Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep customers with more than 100 streams of the best music, entertainment and information, coast-to-coast. SIRIUS offers 60 music streams of commercial-free music along with 40 world-class sports, news and entertainment streams, 24 hours a day.

Customers will be able to scan channels or select pre-set buttons for favorite channels. Selections can also be made both by music category and channel which will be displayed on the radio screen.

The Chrysler Group offers SIRIUS satellite radio as both a dealer- and factory-installed feature. Factory installation for 2006 Jeep Commander is being offered at $195 (suggested retail price) and includes a one-year SIRIUS subscription. The suggested retail price for the dealer installation is $299, plus labor, in addition to a SIRIUS subscription rate of $12.95 per month.

Rear-Seat Entertainment System
A DVD entertainment system – consisting of a center-console-mounted DVD player, overhead LCD monitor, wireless remote control and two wireless headsets – available for second- and third-row passenger enjoyment. In addition to video DVDs, the system will play audio DVDs, audio CDs, MP3 audio discs and video CDs. Additionally, there are plug-in jacks on the housing to show video from a video camera, connect video games for display on the screen, and to play music directly from an MP3 player.

A unique feature of the DVD entertainment system, operated by the remote-control unit and made possible by the vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN) system, is that the speakers can play audio from a disc in the DVD player while the headphones play audio from the satellite radio, AM/FM radio, or a disc in the radio CD player.

“Chrysler Group’s vehicle communications strategy places an emphasis on creating a safe-driving environment through practical innovations, while enabling customers to choose the features they want,” said Kane. “It’s all about simplicity, safety, freedom and flexibility.”