Press Kit: 2013 Fiat 500e

2013 Fiat 500e: Technology

Los Angeles November 27, 2012 - The all-new 2013 Fiat 500e does more than inspire. It engages.

The Fiat 500e’s advanced technologies allow customers to connect with the vehicle, the outside world and themselves.

Screen gem
The Fiat 500e’s all-new 7-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) instrument cluster display delivers the one thing we crave most in today’s chaotic, mind-cluttering culture. Such advancement accommodates crisper graphics, which are critical to the kind of instant recognition drivers need to maintain proper focus on the task at hand.

On entry, the driver is greeted by a “welcome screen” that features an image of a Fiat 500e. The integrated Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) also displays data such as estimated time to fully recharge. If an attempt is made to start the vehicle while it is plugged in, the cluster will alert the driver accordingly.

Large digital readouts indicating speed and range are ringed by dynamic gauges that give real-time feedback on state-of-charge and driving style. Odometer, time, date, gear-selection and driving mode also are showcased.

Layered in and around the display are familiar vehicle indicators critical to safe vehicle operation, from restraint-system and tire-pressure warning lights, to status of the Fiat 500e’s electronic stability control (ESC) system.

Easy-to-reach buttons on the instrument panel and turn-signal stalk provide convenient access to additional information, such as average speed, average energy consumption and travel distance.

Go with the flow
The Fiat 500e’s TomTom Navigation system is explicitly designed to highlight the car’s unique features.

The removable, dash-mounted display shares the chic look of the TomTom Navigation systems in other Fiat models. It has a touchscreen, but also responds to voice commands. It offers up-to-the-minute access to traffic and weather information and its maps are dotted with more than 7 million points of interest.
A free PIN-protected app downloaded from the FIAT owner’s website makes trip-planning more convenient. Users can send destinations from their mobile devices directly to the Fiat 500e’s TomTom navigation system. The system will then calculate routes and visually indicate whether the destinations are in range. Charge station locations and their real-time availability also are displayed. The system further distinguishes itself with its capacity to deliver vehicle-status information.

Energy management is made easy with digital “flow gauges” that track demands on the car’s battery. Monitored systems range from the drive motor to climate-control, while low-charge and destination-out-of-range indicators further contribute to effective trip-planning. The system also can be used to set recharging schedules.

Connected and in control
The Fiat 500e’s advanced connectivity features invite convenience – comfortably and sensibly.

A free exclusive Fiat 500e Smartphone App (compatible with iPhone and Android) delivers remote access to the car’s sophisticated technology, enabling customers to get the most from their ownership experience. Downloaded from the FIAT owner’s website, the Fiat 500e smartphone app has been strategically designed to mirror the Fiat 500e’s instrument cluster. Battery state-of-charge is displayed, along with vehicle range and estimated time to full recharge. Other screens deliver charge-status updates, if the vehicle is plugged in, and the ability to schedule charging when rates are lowest. Like the TomTom Navigation system, the smartphone app can display charge-station locations and their availability – in real time. Comfort is another key benefit. An app user can pre-condition the Fiat 500e’s cabin with remote access to the vehicle’s climate-control system. And peace of mind can be assured via access to tire-pressure updates and the ability to lock and unlock the car’s doors. Forget where you parked your Fiat 500e? Use the app to honk its distinctive horn.

FIAT’s BLUE&ME Handsfree Communications technology system expands a customer’s universe beyond the Fiat 500e. Activated by buttons on the car’s steering wheel, BLUE&ME accommodates voice-controlled dialing – via dictation or downloaded contact list – for outgoing mobile-phone calls.

Sound investment
Fiat 500e customers can get in tune with their favorite artists, commentators and newscasters through an seven-speaker Alpine Premium audio system with subwoofer. The system features seven-channel custom equalization and a series digital amplifier.

The AM/FM radio and single-CD player also affords access to SiriusXM’s coast-to-coast satellite radio programming. For even more personalized listening, there is MP3-player connectivity via USB or audio auxiliary jack.
Easy-to-use, no-look fingertip controls for volume and station selection are located on back of the Fiat 500e’s steering wheel, while a mute button is conveniently located on the front.

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